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We pride ourselves on our combination of orthodontic services, advanced technology, highly trained dental professionals and affordable pricing plans.


Our team comprises dentists dedicated to developing your best smile.  With several orthodontic systems at their disposal, our team can provide conventional bracket and wires, invisible aligners, ceramic systems and plates.

Treatment plans

At Martin Place Dental Clinic, we’re here to help guide you through the process and provide a range of orthodontic options such as clear aligners which are more aesthetically pleasing than the braces of the past. Developments in orthodontic technology have given rise to many different options. Braces are now much smaller, easier to wear and effective at giving you the smile you deserve.


We recognize that everyone is different with unique needs and lifestyle choices. When you embark on orthodontic treatment with us, you’ll receive a customised treatment. Beginning with a consultation, our orthodontist will evaluate your teeth to gather information and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. From scheduling appointments to affordable instalment options, it’s important to us that you know the path ahead and can plan for it.


You’ll then move on to a treatment planning appointment where the orthodontist will discuss the plan for your smile. By sitting down together, discussing treatment options, risks and complications, informed consent and affordable payment options, you’ll have all the information you need.


To understand how braces work in aligning your teeth, click here for a great explanation:

Orthodontic Treatment Options

• Clear Aligners

For us, in the orthodontic world, these have been a game changer. Using a series of almost invisible, clear, plastic, removable aligners, over time your teeth are moved into their correct position. Our skilled practitioners are able to work with you to find the best options in the clear alignment range, ensuring the optimum result. Click here to find out more about clear alignment types.


• Conventional metal braces

The developments in traditional fixed metal braces over recent years have meant that this form of treatment is now more comfortable, more effective and less visually bulky than previous versions.  A more economical method of straightening, this is still a very popular choice, especially where treatment periods are relatively short. Click here to learn a little more about traditional braces.


• Ceramic Braces

We like to think of this as a great middle ground.  With this option, the brackets are made from tooth coloured ceramic material, making them less visible than metal braces. Click here to view how ceramic braces work.

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